Detangling The Truth Part 2

In which HOLY CRAP Naomi pastes pictures for the first time and fears she will be sued for copyright claims.

I’m continuing my spiel about kinky hair here!

Black Hair Shrinks

shrinking black hair

Can we just have a moment of silence for this girl’s shrinkage?

Okay, moment over.

That is no magic trick, only shrinkage. The meaning is pretty clear, it’s when African-American hair curls around itself, therefore looking shorter than it actually is. This is frustrating as all hell because it conceals the real length, making it harder to style. I mean, I could stretch it for it to appear longer, but holding a strand of hair all day, I imagine, can be very tiring.

Some people might be wondering why our hair is inclined to do so. And it’s fine to be curious about another person’s ethnicity! I myself didn’t know why hair textures are different through various races. The genetic reasons behind hair textures and the cultural significance it has can literally stretch into an entire essay, but this isn’t the post for that.

Time for an impromptu science lesson! Let’s pretend that we are looking at straight hair follicle, or strand, through a microscope. The hair strand would look like a straw, like a thick, long cylinder. Because the follicle is shaped like a straw, it’s grows straight.

Kinky hair is a little different though. The follicle is flat, almost like a ribbon. Ribbons have no choice but to become curled and scrunched up, so kinky hair does the same.


Image result for straight hair under a microscope
Different hair follicles being looked at through a microscope

Okay, science lesson over. Because our hair is very curly, this brings me to my next point…

Black Hair is Dry

Just like my Aunt’s casserole and my sense of humor, African-American hair is dry. Because our hair is so curly, oil from our sclap or sebum, doesn’t travel all the way down the hair

This doesn’t stop our hair from being fluffy and soft though. We combat this with oils and conditioner. Coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, tea tree oil. and more! Honestly, the amount of products I have for my hair can fit into an entirely other post (hint, hint).

This is also why our hair doesn’t need to be washed frequently. Even washing it once a week is enough for us. To the people that wash their hair daily, if it seems unfair, think about how much time it takes to style it. Because the shrinkage makes it shorter, we can’t just tie it up into a ponytail before we leave.

Styling Takes Forever

When people tell me ask me if I exercise because wow you have such toned arms, I just nod along.

Image result for black women combing hair

If only they knew.

Combing my hair everyday just can’t fit into my schedule. I mean, I could, if I woke up earlier, but who has time for that? So we wear protective styles, like weaves or braids, so we don’t have to waste time everyday.

Have you ever spent an hours or so on something? And especially since your proud of it, you want to keep it out of harm’s way? Like, “don’t touch it, it took forever!” That’s how a black hair feels about her hair. You want me to get in the pool? Not today, not right after I just spent an hour braiding my hair. It starts to rain? You can be damn sure I’m not going out, not today, not after I got my hair done.

There will be a couple of more parts to this topic, because I need more posts it’s much too long to continue here.

Lil’ note: I am doing a thing called a blog and continuing this?! Expect another post tomorrow, along with a couple more during the weekends. After this week is over, I should be on a normal schedule: updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I doubt that will last long.





One thought on “Detangling The Truth Part 2

  1. I know absolutely nothing about hair, so I appreciate your explanations on how different types of hair look microscopically and how blacks feel about their hair. I love learning new things! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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