Perks of a Perm

When Naomi gives her two cents on perms, and references Mulan like the Disney fanatic she is.

I can feel the caffeine crash from my red bull already and my eyes are already closing even as I type this sentence.

But…! I planned on publishing this posts days ago. Then procrastination came in and ruined those plans. Caffeine crash or not, I’m finishing this post, so God help me. I actually started typing a sentence on how sleepy I am and then erased it because this is not the post for that.

Okay! Story time. When I was in the 7th grade, I came home to find my mother holding a perm package in her hand and a smile on her face. This came completely out of the blue, since I thought her stance on perms was “don’t even think about doing that until 61 and living in your house”. An Dominican mother is touch on her children. For whatever reason, she had a change of heart and decided to buy this olive oil perm product, probably from the corner store.

“Look at my shiny permed hair and perfectly manicured eyebrows!”

So I listened to the woman long-haired woman on the package and began cracking open the box. There are a few reasons why I was enamored with permed hair.

It Will Look Good

Or at least, you think it will. Most people perm their hair because they don’t want to wear it curly anymore. Maybe it’s because managing it every day proves to be kind of a chore, or you’ve stared into the mirror wondering how you’ll look with straight hair. I took a double take when I looked into the mirror after my perm. It was like that moment in Mulan, you know, when she doesn’t recognize her own reflection.

Image result for mulan reflection
“What is that perm I see…”

Please don’t sue me for Copyright claims. And know I’ve got that damned Disney song in my head.

No More Shrinkage

I can’t express into words how frustrating it was to comb my hair every day, just for it to shrink the moments after I left the house. If you don’t want to carry a spritz bottle all day then your hair is bound to look crusty. I’m not about that life.

Less Fuss, More Sleep

Who has to spend an hour combing knots out of her hair? Not me anymore. I could lay it flat in a casual look or tie it in a ponytail with ease. No more braiding cornrows before sleep, no more angsting over that one stubborn tangle in the morning, in place of rest. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a fair trade to me.

Your Hair is no Longer Thirsty AF

Remember all those conditioners and oils you had to dump on your hair to avoid it looking crusty? Throw those all away. Kidding, give them to me because they are expensive as hell. Anyway, because the natural oils form your hair spreads down the shaft, for the most part, you don’t have to condition it as much.

So if we do this perming thing, saving time and money with this perming thing? Then why doesn’t every one do it? I’m going to go over this…in my next blog! Keep tabs on my blog wait for the next update!

Remember when I promised to update every day? Ha, good times. But there will be a few blog posts here and there. With my 100+ drafts saved and 2 cans of Red Bull, I’ll get it done. I hope.




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