Pains of a Perm

When Naomi talks about the pains of a perm and will think of something better to put in the jump-cut later.

We’ve talked about the perks of a perm , now let’s talk about the pains. Oh boy, where should I even start?

Too Much Maintenance

A perms needs, no demands you constantly coddle it. Chemically straightening your hair leaves it fragile and brittle. As you pour the chemicals onto your hair, the natural oils and protections get rinsed off, leaving it vulnerable.

Myth: In fact, there is a popular myth going around the black community that if you wash your hair the day after you perm it, the hair would fall off. Worry not, that myth (thankfully) is utter crap. It’s true that washing it immediately after means that the perm may not last as long, bu you don’t have to worry about going bald because of a little water.

Going back to the maintenance, having a perm is sort of like purchasing an expensive glass vase. It look pretty…except for the fact that you can’t touch it or it might break. I didn’t even know the meaning of split ends until I had my first perm. Oils, head rollers, special conditioners; all types of care that wastes time and energy. There isn’t enough Telenovelas in the world for me to watch while I’m doing this.

This is also why girls can get irritated if you just reach out and touch their perm. I just spent 10 years of my life on this hairstyle and your hands aren’t going to mess this up.

Spending Money

Don’t even get me started on the money. Sure, since I have natural hair I might spend $5 here and there buying shampoo, but that doesn’t even compare to the cost of going to the hair dresser every month to get a touch up. As our hair grows, we have to continue perming in order to prevent split ends. That’s about $100 or more on that touch up, and for special treatment or any other additions, the price can skyrocket even more.

Your Hair is Fragile

This is the main reason why I decided to grow out my perm. I saw myself growing split ends every day and found my bathroom covered in a thin carpet of hair. I was losing my hair faster than it was growing. To be honest, it was kind of scary.

I’m not trying to scare or shame anyone here, just listing the fact along with my personal experiences. If you have a perm or are thinking of getting one, it’ll be nice to know what you’re getting into.

Because I’m so generous, I would like to publish another blog explaining how to maintain a perm. Since I need to write more blog posts  I think it’ll be a good topic to cover.

Until next week!




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