Cantu: Leave-in Conditioner Argan Oil

Wherein Naomi becomes your honorary guinea pig and regrets it almost immediately.

The last thing I wrote on my blog before procrastination took over was the last addition to “How to make Coconut Oil”. Now that the saga is finished and the smell of popcorn is out of my house, I’d think it would be nice to take a break from DIY’s. Yes? Good.

It’s time I stretched my sarcastic muscles and critic something we all use: hair products. There are literally millions of hair products, so let’s be real: How are we supposed to know which ones to choose? That’s why you have me, your honorary guinea pig, so you have a clue as to what you’re buying.

I’m running off a low budget, so most of my products will be in everyone’s price range. I’m not going to buy something that’s worth more than my car. I walked into my local beauty supply store with $10 dollars and low hopes.

I’m starting with one of the big dogs: Cantu! Specifically their new Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner, because I recently ran out and needed a new moisturizer.

Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream, 16 Ounce
“Argan oil? Seems legit so far.”

I paid only $5.69, plus tax for the repair cream, leaving my wallet intact. I am easily swayed by stuff by seems to know what it’s talking about. Repair cream? Argan oil? I have no idea what that is, but it sound like a thing that I need. Plus, there was an entire aisle dedicated to this product, from shampoo to conditioner, to those little sprays used for everyday use. I picked up the neon lid and tried it out the following afternoon.

A leave-in conditioner needs to do two things: make my hair softer than a cloud, and spread over smoothly. Smelling nice is a perk, but not that important. I cracked open the jar to check it out.


Can I just say, it smells like perfume? Because it smells as if I just walked into Sephora. It’s not minty or sweet, but it makes me wonder if they dumped a vial of perfume into the batch just to sell the product. It doesn’t have to smell good for me to try it, but damn. My expectations are high.

I decided to see how it works after washing my hair with a cleansing shampoo, so it could stand by itself. Now it’s time to see how it works.

Does it Work?

So I slathered some on my wet locks, and I mean slathered, because it was rather thick and pasty. Not what I desire from a leave-in conditioner that I plan on applying everyday. Although my hair was still wet from washing it before, the cream left this white residue on my hair. It looked as if I aged 60 years and owned a head of grey hair. “It will go away when my hair dries,” I thought naively.

Now it came to de-tangling. I can say that, yeah, it worked. My hair felt soft soon after applying it, and made working through knots 10 times easier. Not the best leave-in conditioner I’ve ever tried, but for $5.69 it was a good deal. Nothing special.


Long after I washed my hair and it was dry, I was reading a book when I reached to scratch my hair and little white flakes came down. My heart stopped. I could not believe i had this large amount of dandruff in my hair. First off, eww! Secondly, I just washed it. I realized that the white flakes were dried bits of the leave-in conditioner. I looked as if someone threw flour all over my hair. Not my best moment.

I told myself I would never use the product again. Because I’m a cheapo, I refused to throw away $5.69 (plus tax!) so I used it 3 more times. I realized that there was less flakey-ness the less I used it, so it can be used sparingly.

Final Verdict: Out of a 1 to 10 rating, I’d give it a 3. It did it’s job and smelled amazing, but that dandruff look is not for me.

What else should I test out? Give me your opinions and suggestions in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Cantu: Leave-in Conditioner Argan Oil

    1. Right?? Finding styling products within my budget is getting harder these days. I’ve heard lovely things about their Shea Butter leave in conditioner, so I would recommend that one to you. If you have any products you’d like me to try, I’d be happy to hear them!

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