ORS: Edge Control

Wherein Naomi doesn’t remember her lesson from last time and takes another crack at this product review thing.

Do you remember, like, 5 seconds ago when I made a blog post about trying out a product and regret it instantly? Thanks for laughing with me. Or laughing at me, whichever it was.

The second item on the chopping block has this long-winded, pretentious name. The name is (take a deep breath): Organic Root Hair Gel, Edge Control, Olive Oil. I fell asleep halfway through reading that. All you gotta know is, it’s a type of thick gel used to slick back baby hairs. Wow, rereading that sentence, I am inexplicably reminded of baby back ribs. Did I mention that I’m hungry? Anyway, when your baby hairs are running wild and ruining your hairstyle, this is the shit you run to.

Organic Root Hair Gel, Edge Control, Olive Oil
Picture’s are from amazon.com. Only paid $4.99!


I’m actually a fan of this brand because I’ve used their conditioner with positive results. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.


Nothing to report to the scent. I can say that the gel felt almost solid, wax-like. It was rather hard rubbing some on my finger, so I just grabbed a bit with my nail. Is it supposed to be this thick?

Does it Work?

Eh, not really. So I slicked some of my baby hairs back with the wax, only to find my forehead looking shiny as hell. I could see my reflection in my edges, that’s how bad it was. I’m not trying to look like the cover of Rihanna’s “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”. Also, the wax felt oddly tight on my head. I don’t know, to put it in perspective, it felt like someone was literally pulling my hair back.


Out of curiosity, I searched up the product on Amazon so I could see what others said in the “Reviews” section.



I was shook. I actually ran to the bathroom and washed my hair (for the second time that day). Nuh-uh, I’m not losing my hair over this bummy $5 product.

The reviews only got progressively worse.


I can say with certainty that my hair hasn’t fallen out (bless the lord), but I am rethinking this whole guinea pig thing.

Overall: 0/10. No hair product is worth having your hair fall out. I think I’m going to take a short break from the product review thing, if that’s okay with you.

Leave your suggestions and opinions in the comment section below!


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