The 101 on Hair Products Part 2

Wherein Naomi contemplates throwing her papers in the air and taking a impromptu nap on the floor.

There are times when we have only 2 hours of sleep. There are times when you swamped with work. There are times when you have obligations that you would rather bury your head in the sand and stubbornly ignore, but you must get to them anyway. Today is a time where all three decided to have a meeting and make my life hell.

And hello, my scarce followers! Welcome to another post where Naomi uses the first paragraph to give a spiel about how tired she is.

In the back recesses of my mind, I remember that I had a plan to adhere to. So, where were we? Back into the explanation as to why in the hell I have an obscene amount  of hair care products.

Regular shampoo: That product that we use every week or so because let’s get real, wearing all that product is a drag on my hair. However much I can praise the lord I don’t have to wash it every other day or so, washing it every week is a must.

Cleansing Shampoo: This is shampoo on steroids hyped up with red bull and a shot of espresso. This is that real cleansing that wipes every trace of conditioner and oils. Although refreshing, it leaves your hair feeling really dry and brittle. Which is where the oils comes in!

…Which I shall include in my next blog post!



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