The 101 on Hair Products

Wherein Naomi rants about her life for a small moment then gets back on topic.

Can someone please tell me why I’m giving my room away to a stranger?

Okay, so long story short, I’m having an estranged cousin, one whom I’ve never met, that’s going to live inside my house for a total of two months. Two long awkward month of shuffling around each other and trying not to invade our space. However, my main issue is, if she touches my hair products, we’re gonna fight.

While everyone has a little spot for their shampoo and whatnot, I take this thing to a whole new level. There is a specific shelf in my bathroom that’s reserved for my arsenal of hair products. To put it in perspective, I have three different types of shampoos which I use that all have its own purpose. I belong on that show called “My Weird Addiction” where they could pan over to me buried within different hair products, crooning and calling them “my precious”.

Anyway, let’s start by going down the list. There is:

  • regular shampoo
  • cleansing shampoo
  • rinse-out conditioner
  • deep conditioner
  • leave-in conditioner
  • cleansing conditioner
  • mousse
  • oils (coconut, jojoba oil, etc.)
  • hair spray

I know, I have a problem. But I have no intention of stopping and you can take my shampoos from my cold dead hands. You might be interested to know why in the hell I’d need, like 10 different types of conditioner. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Rinse-out Conditioner: the type of conditioner that I wash out soon after using, pretty cut and dry. This is for when my hair starts looking parched and feels like straw.

Deep Cream Conditioner: This is the shit, the emergency break you go to when your hair starts getting split ends or feeling brittle. The purpose of this is to pretty much leave the cream on your hair for about 30 minutes or so, then wash it out. Sometimes if I feel rather lazy or treating myself, I leave it in overnight. Because it takes rather long, I’d only use it for the days when I notice one too many split ends, usually once every month or so.

Leave-in Conditioner : The every day type of thing. While the others are somewhat pretentious and tedious, this one is that product you can go to any time of the day for a little spruce up.

Cleansing Conditioner: Yes, there is still more. This one’s a bit complicated. It’s for those days where I don’t want to shampoo my hair, but at the same time it’s smelling a little…eh. When I’d like to clean my hair but not have to go through that entire process, this is the one I go to.

These things cost money you know! If I find anyone of my bottle empty, that’s it. Oh, and of course, thee other product will be discussed in my next blog post!



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