Foiled by Oil

Wherein Naomi explains what the deal is with all these damn oils, yet fails to understand why her forehead looks so shiny.

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Coming up about the topic of oils; no, i’m not crazy and yes, they are useful. This can be your little dictionary when your wondering why you’re friends are talking about the effects of olive oil so much. Isn’t that used for salad dressing? I can hear you wonder in the distance. First of all, I have a head of hair, not a lettuce, to clear up the confusion. Besides, there are many other uses for oils other than the obvious, eating and using it to cook.

However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here I’ll provide a little dictionary of the many different uses of certain oils that you haven’t thought a lot about.

Coconut Oil:

If you remember, i even wrote an article on how to make homemade coconut oil, found here: This oil is new to the scene, becoming popular only in the recent couple of years. This miracle oil is anti-fungal, anti-inflammation, so it can be used for many medical purposed. But we’re talking about beauty here. Coconut oil can be applied you hair and body for it’s amazing effects. Coconut oil softens your skin, prevent wrinkles and be used as a daily lotion.

But let’s talk about hair. While other oils just simply lock moisture, this oil can condition and moisturize your hair. I like using this oil after I wash my hair, because it’s an excellent de-tangler.

Olive Oil

Yes, it goes on salad, but let’s keep an open mind. Olive oil can also be used for hair, skin and nails. But on hair, it can prevent split ends by sealing in moisture. If I were to go in chronological order, I would use olive oil after applying coconut oil. The nice thing about this styling product is that it’s absorbed quickly by the hair follicles, so it doesn’t leave you hair looking greasy.

Black Castor Oil

Can we just have a moment of silence for this oil? This is the holy grail, this one deserves to sit on a throne. This particular oil can be used for skin and hair as well, especially for hair. It’s helpful for speeding up the growth of hair follicles. And when I mean speeding up the growth, I mean that thing is like the liquid form of biotin. It does take a week or so for the oil to penetrate the skin deep enough to effect the follicles, but when it does, you can you hair to grow quickly.

It’s also used for it’s amazing skin benefits. Not only does it soften skin, but with given time, scars such as stretch marks and other marks can be healed. My mother, who has given birth to two children, swears by this oil. Any that didn’t disappear completely have significantly faded away.

There are more I can go into…that’ll be discussed in the next blog post! Any questions or suggestion you might have, shout it out in the comment section!




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