The 101 on Hair Products Part 3

Wherein Naomi can stop complaining about how tired she is and continues her spiel about different types of hair products.

Hope you’re doing well my scant amount of followers! So, continuing on the topic of owning an obscene amount of hair products and why, we have only three of those left. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Mousse: Ah, my unsung hero, mousse is the epitome of styling products. Versatile and relatively cheap, it’s a popular choice for both long and short hair styles. What you do is apply a golf-ball sized amount to wet hair before allowing it to dry, then hit it with a curling iron to really let your hold.

Because I’m relatively lazy and have little time for these things, I prefer to apply mousse to my damp hair, then braid it and let it dry overnight. In the morning, my hair is twisted and curly when I wake up.

Oils: I have so many little bottles of oil, I could open up a shop inside my bathroom. Coconut, olive, jojoba, black castor, and tea tree oil all have their own uses that could stretch into another post. Overall, they share this one purpose: they help my lock in moisture. Without this, my hair would be a frizzy and dry mess. The oils are sort like guards that don’t allow moisture or the conditioner to seep out.

Hair Spray: As there is frosting on cake, hair spray is the final finish to put those little hairs on place. It’s also used when your hair is looking a little parched and could use a pick me up. With everything else taken into consideration, this is the thing that needs a place in your bag or purse in case you need it.

Overall, each one of these products have it’s own place in my home, and although they’re a pain in the ass to restock, I’m glad to have them. if you have any questions about the products I’ve listed above or any suggestions, mention it in the comments below!


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