Tidbits About Perm and Blackness

Wherein Naomi walks on her podium (again) and gives a little breathing room for people with perms. Hello my lovely followers! So if you were following up with me last week, you might remember when I went on my podium and had my usual spiel about black hair. I explained┬áculture appropriation and how I wasn't … Continue reading Tidbits About Perm and Blackness


Fact Checks about Culture Appropriation Part 1

Wherein Naomi goes into a spiel about culture appropriation. Hello my couple of lonely followers! Halloween has already passed but that doesn't mean wearing costumes is just over yet! Whenever it comes to cosplaying certain character and people, there's going to be that one person that's imitating someone's culture, or maybe they're going for the … Continue reading Fact Checks about Culture Appropriation Part 1