Foiled by Oil Part 2

Wherein Naomi talks about conditioning your hair while neglecting to do so herself.

Hello, my lonely lovely group of followers!

It’s Friday, that time for people to look forward to the weekend and play that obnoxious song after Rebecca Black. So the best way to end this weekend is publish not one, but two blog posts, (because why not?) Going on what I talked about last time, the amount of benefits you can get by using oils on your hair is amazing.

Tea Tree Oil:

 Que? What type of tea comes from a tree and how it that made into oil? (Try saying that three times fast) Don’t get it twisted; this is completely unrelated the tea plant that’s used to make black and green teas. Just like olive oil, this one has nothing to do with food.

Tea tree oil can be used to treat, like honestly, almost every ailment.  If you were trapped on a island and could bring one thing, this is the shit you need. This oil can be applied to the skin for acne, fungal infections, lice, athlete’s foot, ringworm, inflammation, and more.

Speaking of that, I do have a little story where my little brother, being the usual kid, caught ringworm from a fellow classmate. Ringworm happens to be a fungus, so we didn’t need to worry about worms creeping around the house, but it was still a problem. Since he had sensitive skin, an anti-fungal cream wasn’t an option. My mother, the Queen of Home Remedies, used tea tree oil instead because we’re broke it was the better option. The rash completely disappeared after about a week.

But let’s get back to hair. I used to have the worst dandruff problem, the type of crap where you look like you were out in the snow all day. And I live in Florida.

Image result for dandruff meme

This oil can be added in your shampoo, around 10 drops or so to relieve dandruff. I leave the shampoo in my hair for 10 minutes or so before washing it out. It also helps to put a couple of drops on my conditioner, so it can have a lasting effect.

After this one, I got two more oils to cover over, then this topic can be led to rest like the others.


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