Do’s and Do Not’s of Weave Part 1

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As December comes closer, the weather is getting chillier and colder. It’s time to pull out those scarves to protect your neck from the cold. But if you hair gives zero fucks about gravity and stays up, some people might be interested in installing box braids in their hair.

‘Tis the season to wear box braids. But whether you’re getting box braids or twists, there are some things you need to know before you get them. If your scalp is unbearably itchy after box braids or you find your hair breaking off (the horror) after wearing them, read this if you want to avoid that. This guide is here to help you maintain your box braids so your hair can come out healthy and strong.


Before you even consider installing extension onto your hair, you need to prepare it so your hair is strong enough to handle the weight of extensions (and damn are they heavy).

  1. Wash you hair with a cleansing shampoo to get rid of all the old product residue your hair might have. Starting out with clean hair is the first thing to do.
  2. Follow up with a deep conditioning mask/treatment. Moisturized hair equals strong hair. I would also suggest giving your hair a protein treatment  before doing a deep conditioning treatment to further strengthen your hair.
  3. Try curing any scalp problems you have before you start applying weave. If you have a dandruff problem, or an itchy scalp, or any other ailment, it may get worse if you wear weave.

Tips for Properly Installing Box Braids

Whether you’re going to your local hair salon or a family member, you need to be open about what type of braids you want and make sure they’re doing them properly. Don’t be shy! Here are some guidelines to make sure you’re getting your $200 you paid for:

  1. Use less hair near your edges to avoid adding too much weight. Try to re-braid them when they get fuzzy-looking and hair begins to stick out to help your hairstyle stay fresh and release tension on your edges.
  2. Do not try to braid all your edges. The edges of your hair, also called baby hairs, are very thin and fragile. Therefore, they break easily and very hard to grow back. They can break from simply brushing them too much or wearing a tight ponytail every day, so imagine the damage from wearing tight braids and keeping that tension for a prolonged series of months. Going on that…
  3. Make sure your braids are not too tight. As I mentioned before, baby hairs can break easily, but it doesn’t have to be your edges for hair to break. Some signs of a too-tight extension are: constant headaches, tension around your temples, and pain when moving your eyebrows. THIS though. If it’s so tight you can’t make facial expressions without cringing, you gotta loosen those braids.

There will be more tips coming up in the following blog post! I’m not a hair stylist, so most of my information comes from research, other family members that are hair stylists, and experience from yours truly. If you any tips or experiences you’d want me to add, tell me in the comments!

You can find part 2 here.


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