Tidbits About Perm and Blackness

Wherein Naomi walks on her podium (again) and gives a little breathing room for people with perms.

Hello my lovely followers!

So if you were following up with me last week, you might remember when I went on my podium and had my usual spiel about black hair. I explained culture appropriation and how I wasn’t having any of it, which you can find here. Our hair is tied into our culture and our way of expressing ourselves, so my face after seeing a non-POC wearing black hair is kinda like this:

Giving the side-eye when I see someone using black culture as a “fashion trend.”

Recently I’ve been surfing through pictures on Instagram and this particular image caught my eye.


I’m all about accepting your natural hair. After all, this blog is made to talk about how to maintain black hair and how to style it. However, this picture is almost implying that if you perm your hair, then you obviously don’t embrace it.

Whether you have an Afro or a perm, it doesn’t make you any less black. I’ve noticed a lot within the black community that a sister can get the side-eye and judgement if they have a perm. Honestly, if you are truly a black rights advocate, you wouldn’t judge a girl for wearing a perm or an Afro.

Some people get a perm because they prefer wearing it straight, or maybe they don’t have patience to style it so they find perms to be more convenient. Either preference is fine and should be respected as such.

This has been a public service announcement and have a wonderful day.

I know that people have different opinions on this topic. Do you disagree and what are your comments? Tell me in the comments below!


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