DIY Hair Tips For Those With Empty Wallets Part 2

Wherein Naomi gives her advice on cheap hair products on the fly and expains where the hell she’s been.

So you might be wondering, where in the hell is Naomi, with her “I’ll be sure to publish every day!” crap?

Who knew there isn’t signal in Dominican Republic?That’s right, I’m in Dominican Republic for the winter holidays, and will probably stay there for a bit after New Years, surrounded by my family and eating delicious food. That also means walking around aimlessly, raising my phone to the heavens praying for signal. Eventually, I shelled out a couple of bucks and bought myself a hotspot.

With 3 gigabytes, because I’m a cheapo. To be shared between my entire family.

I have WiFi for the briefest moment, you guys.

Did I mention electricity cuts off here like, every day? Because the lights went out literally as I was writing this sentence.

Ugh, typing on my phone is so tedious. Too many little buttons.

Long story short, I can’t upload as much as I promised. You can completely guilt-trip on this one later. I will put ‘write more blog posts, u lazy bum’ on my list of New Years Resolutions.

With the lack of internet, you’ll have to settle for 1 per week. I feel like that’s a good amount. For now! Regular updates will resume around June 9th.

Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t want to read this to hear me talk about my trip. Without further ado, let’s learn some DIY hair tips!



I know, first vinegar and then mayonnaise? This is beginning to sound more like a recipe than tips for hair. Surprisingly enough, this hair treatment is one of the more popular ones.

So we know that mayonnaise is made of eggs and oil, right? Well, eggs happen to be a good source of protein, which is what your hair needs to grow healthy and strong. And we already know that oils can strengthen your hair while giving give sheen and luster. (To find out about all these different types of oils and what they can do, go here).

How To Apply It

  1. Apply mayonnaise onto clean, damp hair (so after you wash it), the same way you would to a conditioner. Focus on the ends, because they are the oldest part of your hair.
  2. Put a shower cap on, to prevent the mixture from leaking down your neck. It’s best if you have a heated thermal cap, because the heat can help with the absorption.
  3. Leave the treatment on your hair for about 15-30 minutes
  4. Cleanse with a gentle shampoo (with no harmful sulfates) to remove the mayonnaise from your hair. If you feel you have some residue, feel free to wash it again. If you feel some residue, feel free to wash it again.

You can add other essential oil to the mayonnaise to make the recipe your own. This treatment is recommended to use one a month.


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