How to Hide Your Edges Part 1

I’m going to be so blunt right now.

Okay so I’m guessing you know what baby hairs are, right? Those tiny hairs that looove peaking out form hairstyles because I guess that’s their job. Just slap on some leave in conditioner and slick it back, problem solved.

But on black people, baby hairs are extra curly and therefore they are extra hard to control. Like, you don’t even know. There are products called “Edge Control” dedicated to this problem.

About a month ago, I got twists, which are basically these:

Image result for twists example
Example of a twists that I found online

Then I went on vacation, and any though to my hair went flying out the window. I did the two things I should never do. I didn’t wear a head scarf at night or wear a shower cap when I took a shower. I know this might sound unimpressive to someone who doesn’t have weave, but I just broke like, the basic rules of wearing weave. I’m sure that right now a black woman is shaking her head at my stupidity.

Trust me, I paid for my mistakes because my baby hairs were all over the place, completely out of control. It looked like I had 2 months of growth, when I only got them 2 weeks of ago. I was like, “Uh…I don’t think my hair grows that fast.”

I had places to go, but my pride refused to go anywhere with my hair looking like this. So I called up my hairstylist, and lo and behold, she was still on vacation.

These following tips are here if you need to hide your edges, like immediately and you don’t have time to get a touch-up. I’ll be making another post called how to fix your edges for the long-term.


Get a Headband

The simple answer is usually the best. Headbands:

  • cover up your baby hairs
  • are easy to slip on when you leave the house
  • adds some color to your outfit

Buy the thicker ones that are long enough to cover your hairline. (Headbands always hide secrets). If you’re not sure what color to get, white or black goes with any outfit.

The same can be said about head scarfs. This one is a little more difficult because it involves actually tying it around your head in a cute way. But there are many tutorials online for that.

 My Aesthetic 

Oh look, this blog post getting much too long. I suppose I’ll be making a part two.

If I missed any tips or there’s something you want to add, tell me in the comments below!


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