How to Hide Your Edges Part 2

You’re here to hide your edges, I’m here to supply some advice. This is the continuation of How to Hide Your Edges Part 2.


Style Your Hair into Bangs


This one might take a bit more time, but the result looks rather nice in the end. Wearing bangs can:

  • Add some flare to your outfit
  • Hide your edges
  • quick, but adds a nice touch

Another tip for here would be to add a hair accessory, like a flower pin, to liven the hairstyle up a little.

Wear a Beanie

Beanies, or skullies, are more or less a type of hat, usually made out of wool or some other type of material. Because it’s made of thick material, it’s usually a look worm for the winter or in colder areas.


Beanies can:

  • give you warmth during the colder months
  • add a nice touch to your outfit
  • be put on as you walk out the door

A beanie is definitely a head accessory that should have its place in any wardrobe. I don’t usually wear this one, because the state I live in is pretty hot in the summer, so I usually just throw on a headband and I’m good to go.

Next time we’ll talk about how to fix your edges instead of just hiding them.

If I missed anything or you have something to say, tell me in the comments below!







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