What Type of Hair do you Have Part 3

The final installation to What Type of Hair do you Have. And then I can get focused on finishing the others.

Low Porosity

Low porosity tends to have more product buildup because since the hair cuticles are not allowing moisture inside it also doesn’t let products out, Ingredients/Products just sit on top of the hair. This causes the hair to be brittle, yet greasy at the same time.

Recommended Tips/ Products

Normal Porosity

Normal porosity hair that allows moisture inside and does not release the moisture out as quickly. It holds moisture long enough for the hair to have a well balanced moisture for a longer amount of time, making the hair super cooperative and healthy looking. Basically, this is the healthier one.

Recommended Tips/ Products

  • Giving yourself a pat on the back for having healthy hair
  • give me ur hair
  • no seriously

High Porosity

High porosity hair is known to be porous, letting water and moisture in very easily due to the cuticles of the hair being open. High Porosity hair lets ingredients inside but, because the hair is so porous it lets out the moisture from ingredients very quickly and easily due to the large openings in the hair cuticle.

Recommended Tips/ Products

Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 is over here.

If you have any comments or questions, mention it in the comments below!


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