What’s the Deal With Co-Washing?

Wherein Naomi explains co-washing.

When I started going natural, I was at a lost about what to do. What type of products do I use? How am I supposed to style it? And what’s this thing called co-washing?

What’s Co-washing?

Co-washing is short for “Conditioner-only Washing”. It means skipping shampoo here and there and relying solely on conditioner instead to cleanse your hair. This doesn’t mean that you don’t ever use shampoo, just less often. So if you wash your hair…about 3 times every week, you would replace shampoo with conditioner at least once per week. The result is somewhere between squeaky clean hair and second-day hair: softer and easier to manage.

If that sounds kinda iffy to you, recent studies state that washing your hair constantly can leave it dry, brittle and strip you hair of its natural protecting oils. Plus, it saves money.

Is Co-Washing for Me?

If your hair is dry and/or curly, the chances are you can benefit from co-washing. Thicker hair doesn’t need to be washed as often, and the extra conditioning can control frizz and make it stronger. This can also be beneficial if you have high porosity hair or if your hair is damaged.

Co-washing is a part of the no-poo movement, which is basically using DIY or natural cleansers instead of shampoo. Like using apple cider vinegar and baking soda . This is because some shampoo have harsh detergents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  You’re not obligated to try this, but it’s kinda fun dabbling into the new trends. A no-poo regiment that’s made of regular co-washing can make beautifully nourished curls.

You probably have more questions like “what am I supposed to use to co-wash?” That’s going to be discussed in the next installation.




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