How to Co-Wash Part 2

The continuation of How to Co-Wash Part 1, wherein Naomi goes through here own co-washing schedule.

Last week…or month, whenever I wrote the last blog post, I went over what co-washing is, if it’ll work for you, and how much you should do it. Thinking back on it, I realized that I haven’t shared my co-washing schedule with you guys yet!

Remember that co-washing is not just a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Depending on your hair type, you can do from once a week to five times a week, which is explained here. Sharing my schedule might shed some light for people who have my hair type, but it’s better to experiment and find what works with you!

My schedule isn’t set in stone either, but I’m beginning with the idea that I washed my hair on Monday.

Curly hair comic


Washes my hair per usual with a cleansing shampoo and deep-conditioning mask. May/may not braid my hair depending on how lazy I feel that day.


Nothing much, I might apply a leave-in conditioner if my hair feels rather dry.


Co-washing with a light conditioner and maybe a spritz of leave-in conditioner. Sometimes, these days shift from Wednesday to Thursday if I’m too busy to do it. Occasionally, I’ll have my hair braided and think to myself “do I really feel spending 30 minutes braiding my hair again?” (Hint: the answer is no) So I might skip a day or two, depending on my mood

Update: A friend has informed me that yes, you can condition your hair while wearing braids, using a spritz bottle and some patience.


This is the part where my hair feels kinda over-moisturized, which is a nice term that means it greasy. On the rare occasion it’s somewhat dry, a little bit of leave-in conditioner can do the trick


The same as Monday, I can finally cleanse my hair of all those hair products, followed with a deep-conditioning mask.


I would say I co-wash about twice a week, maybe? This number can differ sometimes in the seasons. If it’s rather hot and I’m sweating, I don’t feel like more products onto my hair. Compared to in the winter, I may co-wash even five times a day. Remember, it changed for everyone!

This blog post has been edited for clarity.


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