Pre-poo and You Part 1

Yes, I wrote that really cheesy title. Guessing by that, you can probably tell what this blog post is about! I, for one, did not originally know what “pre-pooing” is. If you said this in a crowd, the only person who wouldn’t look at you crazy would probably be a fellow black girl who knew her stuff.

When I searched it up, I got “toilet spray” and I was very confused. Why would someone use that for their hair??

“Pre-poo” is short for Pre-Shampoo. I guess the name “pre-sham” just sounded weird. Anyhow, it’s basically when you apply conditioner before you shampoo so as to add more moisture to the hair follicles.

How does pre-poo affect your hair?

Yes, it’s true that the shampoo will wash away all the conditioner. However, don’t forget how harsh some shampoo’s can be, especially if you still use one that has sulfates. With an added layer of conditioner, it can protect the hair shaft from drying out and prevent split ends. Also, the conditioner can prepare the cuticle for the detangling process.

What Types of Products Should I Use?

You can use whatever conditioners you like! I personally like using coconut oil and applying it to my hair at least an hour before washing it, so that it has time to penetrate the cuticle and soften my hair.

Some people prefer using a protein/conditioner treatment as a pre-poo before applying a moisturizing mask. In general, any type of oil or conditioner are all great options for pre-poos. If you want to know what benefit each oil has on your hair, read this!

Now we’ve gone over what pre-pooing is, I’m going to discuss how to pre-poo and the ways to do it in Part 2


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