Pre-Poo and You Part 2

Wherein Naomi realized that she accidentally made her title have triple rhymes and she’s excited about it.

I made another cheesy title and I’m not even ashamed about it. I should be a rapper, you guys, like seriously. FUck thIS blog, I’m ReleAsing my New album called Pre-poo and You PART 2

Okay, seriously. Last blog post, I made discussed what pre-poo is and what products you should use, which you can find here. Pre-poo is applying a conditioner or oil on your hair before you wash it to soften and prepare your hair for shampoo. It can protect it from damage, prevent split ends, yadda yadda yadda. The following will be instructions on how to pre-poo.


  • Your preferred oil or conditioner. (if you’re not sure which conditioner to use, try reading this)
  • A wide de-tangling comb like this:

detangling comb

  • a shower cap, if you wanna



  • gather your ingredients for your pre-poo
  • section your dry hair into 4 or more sections
  • de-tangle each part with a wide tooth comb
  • spread your choice of pre-poo over each part
  • Cover hair with a conditioning cap and sit under a hooded dryer if you choose

Doing a pre-poo will give your hair that fighting chance it needs to withstand further manipulation on wash day.

Afterwards, shampoo and condition it as usual and enjoy your softer hair!

Have you tried pre-poo? Tell me in the comments below!



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