How to Naturally Straighten Your Hair Part 1

So this weekend, I wanted to straighten my hair because I was a little tired of de-tangling it every day. There, I admit it. Dousing my hair with a bunch of conditioner and brushing through it was just tiring me out. If I don’t have to sleep, I sure as hell don’t have time to do my hair.

I didn’t want to hot iron it, because heat damage, eww. There was no way I was going to perm again, because going through that again doesn’t sound so fun, thanks. After searching the internet, I found a couple of DIY’s for straightening your hair without attaching that pesky damage to it.

The most important thing though is that heat-less stretching cannot by aggressive. The goal is to stretch it about 70%-80% of it’s full length. The result are somewhat similar to a blowout.


hair banding

This method involves stretching the hair by tying it with bands, and holding the hair in a elongated position as it dries.

Is Banding for You?

Depending on your hair texture, you can end up with looser or tighter curls. This hair style also takes patience, because you need to wait until the hair dries completely until you’re able to take them out.


  • a damage-free method of straightening hair
  • can last up to a week if you maintain it
  • simple and easy


  • getting or wet or being in humid weather can revert the hair back
  • must be worn at least overnight for it to take full effect
  • result may vary

Smol child hair meme


  • Shea Butter
  • Detangling comb
  • MANY rubber bands/ponytail holders (depending on the length of your hair)

Have you tried hair banding? Tell us in the comments below!


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