How to Naturally Straighten Your Hair Part 2

Last time we discussed the different method of straightening hair. Banding, where you use rubber bands to tie your hair, was covered in part 1. Now, we’re going over African threading.

African threading

What’s African Threading?

African threading is the technique of separating damp hair into parts, wrapping it around with black thread, and waiting until the hair is dry to unwrap the thread. The technique provides a heat-free way to straighten hair, and can last up to a week with maintenance and up-keep. You can maintain it by wearing a headscarf at night.


  • won’t give you any heat damage
  • lasts up to about a week or more
  • protects the ends of your hair


  • must be worn overnight (at the least) to have maximum effects
  • takes around 30-60 minutes to do

Added bonus: With African threading, you can style your hair even before you take it out. It looks similar to dreadlocks, so it’s easy to put it up into a ponytail or leave it down.

Finally, to reduce any mistakes while threading, follow these tips:

  • DO make sure that your sections are big enough: if they’re too small, your hair might break partway because of too much tension. Split ends aren’t fun to deal with, so make sure the sections are the right size!
  • Don’t thread too tightly! Not only will it hurt, but the hair shaft can break

Have you used African threading to retain length? Share below!


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