My Top Ten Favorite Brands Part 3

Two more recommended hair brands are coming your way.

Hair Rules

hair rules

This brand does not just focus on shampoo or conditioner. Instead, it is literally one-size-fits-all package, because it encompasses all types of hair products. The brands comes with it’s own cleaning cream, hair spray, and a mousse. I can only afford this product after payday, so it is not something that I always have in my cabinet. But if I ever feel like treating myself, I’m splurging my money on this product.

What’s great about this brand is that it has hair for different hair types! If you’re unsure about what your hair type is, check out this article.¬†


The different colors represent the different hair types. So even if you do not know what’s best for your hair, this brand has got you covered!

Beautiful Textures

beautufil textures

Confession time: This was the same product my mom used on me when I was little. Just looking at it, I had this intense flashback of being little and spending entire afternoons detangling my hair.

Jumbo beads meme

Those dents in my cranium are for my doctor to worry about.

Anyway, beautiful textures is a very gentle detangler that got me through combing my hair when I was small. It also smells rather nice, so that’s a plus. The detangler can be used for permed hair or curly hair, so it’s very versatile.

Part 4 should complete the series (should, maybe). Do you remember the pain of these jumbo beads when you were little? Tell me in the comments below!












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