My Top 10 Favorite Hair Brand Part 5

The final part of this topic is almost over! This installation will focus more on cleansing products instead of only conditioners. Without further ado…

Tea Tree Cleansing Shampoo

tea tree cleansing shampoo

Again, we go back to the benefits of tea tree oil! Tea tree oil can be used on skin and/or nails. It is one of those rarer products that can cleanse your hair without leaving it dry or cracked. Used for you face, it can cleanse your pores and leave your skin. But as a shampoo, it can get rid of all of the excess product that weighing your hair down and leave it with a nice sheen.

This type of shampoo is recommended to use only once per month, depending on how dry your hair is. If it’s used once a week, the constant strip of your natural oils can leave your hair unprotected and dry. This shampoo is best used in moderation.

Mixed Chicks 


This product focuses on the different hair types as well, so it can be used for straight or curly hair. My favorite is their leave-in conditioner, because it is a great de-tangler. This brand is focused heavily on kid-friendly, so the conditioner leaves the hair very soft, making it tangle free.

The only thing I have to complain about though is the smell. If I find the smell strong, small children might not like it. I would also recommend mixing it with water-too much left my hair kind of crunchy.

Do you agree with my top 10 list? Tell me in the comments below!




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