Hair Breakage: Top 10 ways to Stop it From Happening Part 1

I can’t decide what’s worse: staring at a blank page or a blank screen. Both are equally intimidating.

Sometimes I think that black girls had a meeting to discuss all of our hair secrets, but the letter got lost in the mail. Everyone knows how to do a bomb twistout and I’m sitting over here like:

Image result for confused meme

That’s kind of the reason why I made this blog actually. Whenever there’s a hair commercial, they never show people with my hair type. Always with this shimmering cascading hair. You can miss me with that.

Anyway, recently I’ve been looking at my hair and I was shook, guys. There were split ends. So many of them. After asking the women in my family plus doing a little research, I’ve compiled a list of ways to stop hair breakage.

There are 3 main reasons behind hair breakage:

Mechanical/manipulation: brushing and combing your hair excessively can cause split ends and hair breakage

Physical: using heat appliances like hot combs can cause hair breakage

Chemical: using perms, relaxers, and even hair dye too frequently can result in weakened hair strands, which cause breakage.

I go into depth about it here. Use these tips to avoid split ends.

Trim Your Dead Ends

Trimming your dead ends keeps the hair looking healthy. Split ends only travel up the hair shaft the longer they exist, so there’s no reason to keep them. No matter what anyone says, you can’t repair split ends.

Especially if you have very coily hair, sometime’s your hair can tie itself into a knot. There are so tiny, we usually call them fairy knots. Trimming those off are very important as well.

Choose the Best Detangling Tool

There are tons of detangling tools and some are better than others when it comes to detangling with little or no damage at all.

The best detangling tool regardless is a wide-tooth comb. Using a brush actually causes more breakage, so try only using a brush to put those final hairs in place.

 Wanna know more about preventing hair breakage? Read Part 2 to know more.


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