Common Causes Behind Hair Breakage

For some people, the nape hair area grows just fine.  For others, hair breakage and split ends run free. Nape hair is basically the hair right at the back of your head, near your neck.

For me, the hair at the back of my neck has always been rather short. Excess brushing and combing can cause breakage, something that none of us want.

In the beginning, I tried to address the situation by using some serious deep conditioner at least once every week. Braiding your hair and keeping it in a protective hairstyle allows your hair to grow without the constant manipulation.

There are 3 main causes behind hair breakage:

Mechanical/manual: like combing your hair constantly

Physical: breakage applied through heat appliances (hair straighteners/hot combs) or physical elements (dry, cold air)

Chemical: caused by perms, relaxers, or dyeing your hair too frequently can weaken the hair strands

More Causes Behind Nape Hair Breakage

  • Poor internal health
  • Dryness
  • Under conditioned
  • Breakage from tight headbands, scarves, etc.
  • Over-brushing
  • Over-processing (raise your hand if you relax that section first)
  • Friction from shirt, scarf, coat, couch
  • Too much tension (e.g., braiding nape hair too tightly)
  • Inadequate neutralization after relaxing
  • Heat damage from trying to get that nape hair straight
  • Sleeping on the back of head

Nape hair breakage can be caused by one or a combination of those causes. If you eliminate the cause behind your hair breakage, you can begin to restore your hair back to health.

What are your causes behind hair breakage? Tell me in the comments below!


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