Do you over-moisturize? Hygral Fatigue and You Part 1

A lot of people say that there’s no such thing as over-moisturizing your hair. I mean, we learned that moisture is good for hair, so how could it be bad?

But they would be wrong. You can have too much of a good thing, and before you roll your eyes and look at the next article, there are a few thing you should know about hygral fatigue.

What is Hygral Fatigue?

Hygral fatigue happens because of excessive conditioning. Because the hair continues to absorb the moisture, the hair cuticle expands. As we know, curly hair dries in the same shape that it was wet. So, the swelling and expanding continues until the strands become weaker and causes breakage and split ends.

“Hygral fatigue is the result of constant, excessive swelling of the hair cuticle as water is absorbed and the contracting of the hair cuticle as it dries. Often associated with porosity issues, this continual swelling and contracting can lead to weaker strands over time, causing the hair to stretch beyond normal and eventually lead to breakage.”

Image result for hygral fatigue

The causes of hygral fatigue are:

  • Doing over-night conditioning constantly
  • deep-conditioning too often
  • avoiding protein treatments

So how do you combat the effects of hygral fatigue? How to avoid and treat hygral fatigue will be discussed in Part 2



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