Do you over-moisturize? Hygral Fatigue and You Part 2

Last post I discussed hydral fatigue and why it causes hair breakage and split ends.

For a recap, hygral fatigue is the result of over-conditioning your hair to the point that it begins to break down. It can be the cause of overnight deep conditioning, or avoiding products without proteins in them.

I am a guilty participator in overnight conditioning. Because it’s just so easy, you know? Conditioning your hair while you sleep, then in the morning rinse and style your hair into whatever you want. However, doing it to excessively can cause hygral fatigue, which leads to hair breakage.

Isn’t it odd how it’s called hy-gral fatigue? Hy-dral fatigue makes more sense.

Anyway, let’s discuss how to avoid hygral fatigue and what you can do to treat it.

Balance is the Key

Of course, I’m not saying that you can never moisturize your hair. That would be crazy. But you have to balance out your moisturizing product with protein ones as well. The protein closes the pores in your hair and and adds strength to it as well.

“Therefore, you should create a hair regimen that alternates between moisturizing and protein-based conditioners throughout the month. Check for ingredients in your deep conditioners such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed keratin, and hydrolyzed silk protein, which will help restore the needed balance and repair weakness all in one step. Solely using a moisturizing conditioner that is void of protein does not provide strengthening properties and may eventually lead to breakage.”

Image result for hygral fatigue picture

In the picture above, it shows the hair shaft being penetrated by water, causing the hair shaft to expand.

Using coconut oil  can moisturize your hair without causing hygral fatigue.

Want to know more about preventing hygral fatigue? Find out in Part 3


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